Fantasy short, Seven Into the Bleak, is out

I’m happy to announce that my third fantasy short story, Seven Into the Bleak, is now available on If you enjoy your fantasy thoughtful, tense, and meaningful, you’ll enjoy this tale. Just $.99!

Seven is 8,000 words long, or about 30 paperback pages. It includes an Author’s Notes section on the how and why of the story as well as an excerpt from Sword of Kings, one of the other three fantasy shorts I have available.

A band of companions—each with his or her own reasons—delves deep into the heart of the Bleak, the infamous and horrifying cavern world miles beneath their own. But their dreams of a quick journey fade into black when their way home is cut off.

Tavern songs dwell on heroes returning laden with loot, fame, and glory, but rarely do they talk of the fear, and loneliness, and misery of life in the World Under the World. The group of seven is hard-pressed to simply survive—both from struggles within and without–and there will be no song to sing of the companions if they succumb to the horrors of The Bleak.

Many thanks to blog-follower Woelf, who beta-read Seven and provided several great comments and suggestions for improving the piece. If you do happen to pick up a copy, please drop by and let me know what you thought of it!


Writer of crime fiction, psychological drama, and dark humor.

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6 comments on “Fantasy short, Seven Into the Bleak, is out
  1. Love that cover! You really present your work as well as anyone out there.

    • Matthew Iden says:

      Thanks, Brian! I take that as a serious compliment…I use the cover for Painted Darkness as inspiration. (btw, is that you in the rain coat?)

      • Thanks! It’s actually two stock photos. I had a specific image in mind for the cover and I went looking for a way to make it happen. I lucked out that there were two perfect images available that could be Photoshopped together!

  2. char says:

    You are a writing maniac (that is a compliment). Keep up the great work.

    • Matthew Iden says:

      Thanks, Char! I sure will take that as a compliment. I’ve got more things on the way this month…I’ve been gearing up for a novel release for some time now and a few other projects are coming together nicely. Hope to share them soon! Best of luck with your own writing. 🙂

      • char says:

        Thanks! I just got my book uploaded in print and ebook last night, so I’ve been trying to mess around with my site and advertise it (the part I’m not so fond of doing). Your experience has helped me a ton. (And please forgive me for not having your book read yet and reviewed; I have been overwhelmed lately, but will get to that next; I’m very excited to read it–I love your writing style)

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