Writers on Writing: I Guest Blog on Kathleen Valentine’s Site

I’m excited to let you know I’m today’s guest blogger on novelist Kathleen Valentine’s site Parlez-Moi.

Kathleen has a wonderful thematic blog going where she asks writers to comment on writing, especially the authors that have influenced and guided them. I chose to ruminate on Tobias Wolff’s amazing short story “Bullet in the Brain,” a stunning short work from his collection Our Story Begins that will have you thinking LONG after you’ve read it. Please check out Kathleen’s blog and tell your friends! (And for Pete’s sake, read more of  Wolff’s stuff!)

In Other News
I apologize for not  updating the blog nearly enough lately, but I’ve been hard at work on my debut crime fiction novel, A Reason to Live, featuring retired Washington DC homicide detective Marty Singer. It will be available in Kindle and print within the week.

The sequel, Blueblood, is finished and going to the editor later this month. And the third, Signs, is 1/3 finished and I’m looking forward to a scribbling marathon over the next five days where I hope to reach a goal of 20,000 – 25,000 words (hey, if David Gaughran can do 40,000 words in a month, I’m game).

I also have a non-fiction guidebook on how to write a novel (Telling the Tale: The Complete Guide to Writing Your Novel) coming out soon and I hope to offer it through Amazon as well as this site via Oronjo.com, a free site that facilitates file download-for-payment and empowers writers everywhere. Lastly, I’ve been committed to cultivating a presence on Goodreads.com, where I think the future of e-authoring is going to occur. If you hang out there, please friend me!

Shine on, you crazy diamonds. 🙂


Writer of crime fiction, psychological drama, and dark humor.

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2 comments on “Writers on Writing: I Guest Blog on Kathleen Valentine’s Site
  1. Wo3lf says:

    Congratulations Matt on all that is happening. Nothing trumps hard work and dedication. I’ll drop a comment at Kathleen’s blog too later.

    I’m curious to read your take on writing, so count me in as one of the first to purchase it when it becomes available. Other than that, good luck with reaching your targets.

  2. Thanks for your great blog post, Matt. I loved it.

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