Seven Into the Bleak: Free today!

My cascading six day fantasy sale continues with Seven Into the Bleak, FREE on today and tomorrow (June 25 – 26) only!


A band of companions–each with his or her own reasons–delves deep into the heart of the Bleak, the infamous and horrifying cavern world miles beneath their own. But their dreams of a quick journey fade into black when their way home is cut off.

Tavern songs dwell on heroes returning laden with loot, fame, and glory, but rarely do they talk of the fear, and loneliness, and misery of life in the World Under the World. The group of seven is hard-pressed to simply survive–both from struggles within and without–and there will be no songs to sing of the companions if they succumb to the horrors of The Bleak.

Seven into the Bleak is an original fantasy short story of 8,100 words or about 30 paperback pages.

If you enjoy Seven Into the Bleak, please consider writing a review at any one of the following fine websites. Your support is what makes my writing possible. Thanks in advance!


Don’t Forget…
Tomorrow ends my six-day, cascading fantasy sale, but don’t forget all three stories are normally available for just 99¢!


Writer of crime fiction, psychological drama, and dark humor.

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3 comments on “Seven Into the Bleak: Free today!
  1. char says:

    Downloaded. Now I just have to wait for my husband to get home from his work trip with my kindle so I can read it.

  2. Loved it in a bleak sort of way…will review.
    Thanks Matthew

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