Okay, one of you has a LOT of friends.

When I last reported on my 4-day FREE sale of A Reason to Live, I was sitting pretty at #23 on the Mystery & Thriller list, just across the aisle from my good buddy Stephen King. Of course, he was on the paid list and I was on the free, but that’s still pretty wonderful company to be keeping.

What I didn’t tell you was that, to reach #23, I had given away about 2,100 copies. That was less than I’d hoped for, but the ranking was nice and when thousands of people download my book, I still get a thrill.

That’s when I made my appeal to you all to tell your friends and family about the sale. Well, over the next twenty-four hours I gave away 10,000 more copies for a grand total of 12,551. This took me up to a scintillating top ten ranking (#9) and I couldn’t be happier (well, I could: you can’t help but think “if those had just been sales instead of giveaways…“).

Post free bump sales are chugging along at less than 1% of my giveaways, but are still more than I’ve sold in a day by a long shot. If this is a hint of the future, I’m ready for it!

Thank you for all your support along the way!


Writer of crime fiction, psychological drama, and dark humor.

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  1. You rock, Matthew. I still haven’t got around to reading it yet, but it’s on my list. And I’ll be paying for it.

    That way, when you make it big you’ll feel like you owe me. Maybe just a bit. : )

  2. Wo3lf says:

    I’m living vicariously through you, brother. Congratulations.

    • Matthew Iden says:

      Hey Woelf! Thanks. I know your WIPs are coming along, as well. I hope the small successes I’m having are giving you a boost; it won’t be long before your own stuff is out there garnering attention.

  3. char says:

    Those numbers are staggering! Awesome job.

    • Matthew Iden says:

      Thanks, Char. A lot of luck and a little bit of planning is responsible (I registered the FREE days with Ereadernewstoday.com and I think that’s what got me those 10k responses).

      Free still works!

  4. herlittlebites says:

    Congratulations! That is huge! I did download a copy as soon as I saw your post on GoodReads. I’s the next book on my list to read. Thank You for offering free copies, it’s very generous of you!! I will definitely leave a review when I get done. 🙂

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