Three Updates

1. Jerks Begone seems to have listened to the complaints about the abuse of their Member Giveaway system. In short, two things conspired to taint the giveaway:

  1. There was no an upper limit on copies that authors could give away
  2. The default view of the page ranked books by “copies remaining” in the giveaway. Other filters were available, but no one was going to use them.

Those two issues meant that whoever had the highest number left was given top-billing on the page. Result? Ten million copy giveaways were not unusual in the last few months, as authors tried to “outbid” each other, knowing that–really–they’d never give more than a few dozen copies away.

Well, in a recent giveaway (see below), I noticed that ebook giveaways are limited to 100. Way to go, Librarything! It only took months for you to program NUM =< 100 into your system.

Now, if you could just improve the data entry experience (like not wiping out critical information upon editing the entry, or not listing each and every country with a checkbox next to it when I pick “all countries.” Saying “all countries” is just fine. I’ll know what you meant.).

2. Finding Emma Giveaway
I’m giving away 25 ecopies of my psychological thriller/horror novella, Finding Emma, on I’m asking for a review in return. Not a bad deal!

The Giveaway goes until October 4. There are already 35 entries for the 25 copies, but selection is a random pick by Librarything, so everyone has a chance!

Enter giveaway at

Finding Emma on Amazon:


“…a masterful blend of suspense and intrigue.”
– Ray, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer, 5 star review

No one likes Jack. His wife is gone and his neighbors avoid him. He’s a recluse and a creep and that’s just the way he wants it.

But when ten-year old Emma goes missing in the nearby woods, the eyes of his neighbors turn on him in fear and accusation, escalating as the days pass. The answers they–and the reader–get, however, are the last that anyone would suspect…

Finding Emma is a novella of literary horror totalling 17,500 words or about 70 paperback pages.

3. A Reason to Live price reduction
To celebrate the release of Blueblood I’ve reduced the price of A Reason to Live to $2.99 on all sites (check sidebar to the right). Get it while it’s hot! Get it while it’s buttered!


Writer of crime fiction, psychological drama, and dark humor.

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3 comments on “Three Updates
  1. yoga-adan says:

    that cover for Finding Emma is a beauty!

    plus, i like how you’ve priced it, being a novella and all, on amazon, best wishes 😉

    • Matthew Iden says:

      Thanks, Adan. The picture of the girl on the swing is a royalty- and rights-free photo from and the background is a picture of the woods near my house–made more haunting with a few filters, of course. The title graphics were a half-accident as I was toying with different filters and masks. Happy accidents are nice.

      Re: price. I’d read at least two articles lately that mentioned that $1.99 is the price where books go to die. Somehow, while it seems fair to price novellas between a short story (usually $.99) and a novel ($2.99 and up), apparently it turns consumers off for some unknown reason. And, to add insult to injury, you don’t get the 70% royalty from KDP for your pains.

      So, I’m going with $.99 for anything under about 10,000 words, 2.99 for anything between 15k – 40k, and $3.99+ for novels. The $2.99 for A Reason to Live is a temporary price break to generate interest in Blueblood.

      • yoga-adan says:

        great info on the image, happy accidents and good searching for the free image; and i think both your backyard background and the blurry “finding” in the title are perfect!

        glad you broke the prices down for the size fictions, it strikes me as reasonable and worth a ride on into the holidays!

        are we gonna get a short featuring a recent trip to france? 😉

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