Not so funny

After less than scintillating results on, well, every e-book retail outlet except Amazon, I was inspired to create what is quite possibly the worst drawn cartoon in the world.

I would be more charitable to Amazon’s competition if:

  • Smashwords could assure me that they’d actually ship the e-books I ask them to.
  • Barnes & Noble wouldn’t blame Smashword’s staff for not having my books on their site.
  • Apple actually acted like books were sold online.
  • Kobo improved a search engine that displays a search of “iden, matthew” on Page 2 and Page 3 of the results. And created some sort of system whereby indies could compete with Trad Pub titles.

Until then, it’s probably back to Select for me, like every other indie author except Bob Mayer.

Click for bigger version.


Writer of crime fiction, psychological drama, and dark humor.

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4 comments on “Not so funny
  1. I’m in the group with Bob, too. I get a few sales from/through Smashwords, and finally sold my first book on Sony, which I’d forgotten even sells books.

    It’s frustrating, just as you said with all your points above, but I want to do my really small part to make it worth these various outlets’ time. This, of course, is in the hopes of keeping competition among the sellers out there so that we reduce the chances of authors getting taken advantage of by a single outlet in the future.

    • Matthew Iden says:

      …so that we reduce the chances of authors getting taken advantage of by a single outlet in the future.

      That’s the scary thing, isn’t it? If we all jump on board Amazon’s ship and they decide to kick us off, the indie revolution will be snuffed in a heartbeat.

      • Yep, and what do we do if they say, oh, we’re knocking the percentage down to 30%, and then 20%, and then before long we’re back to where we started.

        Plus, I sympathize with Smashwords since I own a small company myself. I think their heart is in the right place and they’re just swamped with work and uploads. I trust small business owners like that, so I want to see them succeed.

  2. Wo3lf says:

    As I near the completion of my first book I’ve been going through the options too and I’ll probably go with Select until I have a few more books online. Having all your eggs in one basket may not be the smartest thing, but it’s a calculated risk and you can choose to do it short term. At least there is some flexibility there. Besides, I expect competition to get fiercer among Amazon’s competitors as they battle to outmanoeuvre each other and Amazon. The fallout of that will be like pixie dust to indie authors — I hope.

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