A Reason to Live featured on www.emysterybargains.com!

emsyteryHey Folks –

If you’re over my April Fool’s scare, why don’t you head on over to www.emysterybargains.com. It’s the brainchild of frequent visitor to this blog, managing editor of Cemetery Dance magazine, and fellow writer Brian Freeman.

He’s got both a Mystery and a Horror blog that features one awesomely-priced book each day. The site has featured the novels of such notables as James Patteson, Dean Koontz, and Jeffery Deaver, all of them low-priced for a short time or, like mine, less than than the price of a grande skim latte at Starbucks.

There’s no cost to you; Brian makes a little bit of change of each sale by way of the Amazon Affiliate program. Give it a gander if you’ve got a second: www.emysterybargains.com


Writer of crime fiction, psychological drama, and dark humor.

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2 comments on “A Reason to Live featured on www.emysterybargains.com!
  1. Hi Matthew. It’s late, and I’m a little bleary-eyed, but I just finished A Reason to Live. I read the book in two days and thoroughly enjoyed your character of Marty Singer. He’s likeable and easy to root for. I’m reading fellow WordPress authors this year and was happy to add your book to the mix. I’ll be reading Blueblood soon. Thanks for some good entertainment!

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