Quirky: Need a little help!

quirkyHey folks!

I have a big favor to ask that has nothing to do with writing. I recently submitted an invention idea–the ChargeBar–to Quirky.com (a site that solicits new product concepts from the public, chooses the best, then takes them to market).

At this stage, the public can vote on the idea and–if it gets enough support–it will be forwarded to a review session of the Quirky staff. If it gets the green light there, then it goes into prototyping and production!

But I need your vote! The hard part: you have to register with Quirky (easy to unsubscribe later, but check out some of their products). The easy part: go to my page at ChargeBar and give me a thumbs-up! I’ve copied some info on my idea, below.

Thanks a ton!

p.s. I only get a few days to garner public votes, so please hotfoot it to https://www.quirky.com/invent/1170161/ and give me a vote! Tell your friends!

Never leave home uncharged when you use Chargebar, the tool that tells you when your laptop is running low!

IDEN_ChargeBarThe Problem
Laptop battery life is a critical concern for anyone who uses their computer on the go.

While docked and plugged laptops are sure to have a full charge, there are many times when a mobile computer-user needs to grab the laptop for their next meeting, class, or consultation and may not have the luxury to fully charge their laptop beforehand–nor the ability to charge it once they arrive.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of laptops require a computer to be powered on to show any battery life status beyond the most basic “charged” or “dead.” And since, in many cases, a 20%, 40%, or 60% charge is as useless as no charge at all, it’s not enough to know that the laptop has “some” charge–it’s vital to know how much.

The Solution
Chargebar is a small charge meter that allows a laptop user to see his or her computer’s remaining battery life at a glance, eliminating the need to “power on” to answer the simple, but critical, question “How long will my battery last?”

By plugging into the laptop’s AC outlet, the Pez container-sized ChargeBar reveals battery life instantly through a color-coded bar on the back; since it uses no electricity, it can be left attached indefinitely. During charging or docking, a nylon lanyard keeps the Chargebar safely attached to a laptop bag, while a retractable AC peg and rounded body design keeps the Chargebar from snagging on clothing or during storage.

With no moving parts and no need for independent power, the ChargeBar could have a lifespan and usefulness for years.



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