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Speed, Literature, and Success

Speed I had a conversation recently with some indie writer friends and we were comparing notes on how to write faster and better. Two of them are following a particular method (Book in a Month) that shuts off your inner

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The Wicked Flee – An Explanation

Some readers have expressed disappointment/concern that there’s “less Marty” in the latest book, The Wicked Flee. I’ve put together an elucidation of why I did what I did that might help explain things, including some tricks of the trade that

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The Stories In Between

I’ve never been asked that hackneyed question of writers “where do you get your ideas?” or, at least, it’s been asked in a more subtle way. I don’t really think about it any more, because I’ve learned that ideas come

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How Writing is Like Getting Lost on the Way to Work

Friends of mine recently asked me how I felt about my writing. I found myself describing how and why I thought I was getting better, why I felt I was able to sit down and write with little hesitation, and

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Self-publishing as Meaningful Work

There is a passage in Malcolm Gladwell’s amazing book Outliers that, at its heart, speaks volumes about why writers should self-publish. [T]hree things—autonomy, complexity, and a connection between effort and reward—are, most people agree, the three qualities that work has

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Book Critique: Robert Parker’s Looking for Rachel Wallace

Earlier this week, I talked about the usefulness of the book critique to help refine my writing. I thought I’d show a critique I did on one of crime fiction writer Robert Parker’s best Spenser novels, Looking for Rachel Wallace,

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Reading to Write

I imagine that, for most authors, the urge to write comes from reading. My earliest attempt came from having read a story and wanting to emulate it. There is something about the cognitive process that, for writers and would-be writers,

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