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A bevy of author blogs

Nice little round-up of blogs authors of all stripes, indie and trad alike, should be following. By Mick Rooney, Advertisements

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Sisters in Crime – Dropping the Ball

As a member of the mystery writers group Sister in Crime (SinC, for short), I receive a monthly email update called Sinc Links, a kind of round-up of things that affect the publishing and writing world in general, and mystery

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Why you should care about the Hachette – Amazon dispute

I feel reasonably well-informed about the recent Hachette-Amazon fracas, as I should be—my sales through Amazon represent a substantial portion of my income as a writer and any event that might adversely affect the ‘Zon affects me. I peruse the

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Everything You’ve Read About Hachette vs. Amazon Is Wrong

Hilarious post from His Irreverence, Russell Blake. Everything You’ve Read About Hachette vs. Amazon Is Wrong.

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Amazon vs. Hachette: The Cliff Notes

If it’s one thing I despise–in me when I catch myself doing it and in others when I hear/see it–it’s an empty-headed, knee-jerk argument. Whether it’s from a lack of knowledge, a confirmation bias, or intellectual laziness, when one side of

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NY Time Fires a Dud

I had to laugh at one section in a recent New York Times article about the recent “spat” between Amazon and giant NYC publisher Hachette–which only Hachette writers and the Authors Guild seem to know or care about. (Hachette complains that

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ACX drops royalty rate

For those of you who have created audio books with Amazon’s audio division ACX (or are thinking of doing so), you may have heard that ACX made a rather unwelcome announcement today: royalty rates–which had been a generous 50% of

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