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Russel Blake’s Craft Tip #3 – How To Write More, Faster

An inspiring post from crazy-productive indie novelist Russel Blake. Read it all! My favorite is Tip #10: The power of questions: Ask yourself, “How can I make this the best chapter I have ever written, and be excited and have

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Storm warning: Bookwhirl

My wife recently received a call from someone from asking for me. They wanted to talk about my “book” and marketing plans they could offer. My wife said she’d take their number, pass it on to me, and get back

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Nick Stephenson – Full color thrillers

I don’t often straight-up recommend following other bloggers and writers, but I recently stumbled across UK thriller writer Nick Stephenson‘s blog ( and I’ll tell you: if you’re self-pubbing, you should go there right now. The man is funny, smart,

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Scribl, Patreon, & Noisetrade

I’ve recently come across three interesting web sites—Scribl, Patreon, and Noisetrade–that could potentially benefit both writers and readers. Each has its own new twist on book distribution, which is exciting to see, since the democratization of the internet (and of

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What Did Your Readers Like? Kindle’s “Shared Notes & Highlights”

Something that’s given me a real surge of pride and joy lately has been discovering the Kindle “Shared Notes & Highlights” section for each of my books.

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Book Critique: Robert Parker’s Looking for Rachel Wallace

Originally posted on matthew iden:
Earlier this week, I talked about the usefulness of the book critique to help refine my writing. I thought I’d show a critique I did on one of crime fiction writer Robert Parker’s best Spenser…

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Do You Hear What I Hear, Part II

In Part I of this mini-series, I talked about my debut foray into audio book creation–with the redoubtable Lloyd Sherr of the History Channel’s Modern Marvels show narrating A Reason to Live. The project is now out of our hands

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